Reda Taliani - رضى الطلياني


Reda Taliani

Country: Algeria
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Date of birth: 1980

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Biography of Reda Taliani

Reda Taliani, Algerian Raï music performer, was born in 1980 in El-Biar town, Algiers (Algeria).

Since his was a child, Reda Taliani entered Koléa Conservatory of arab and andalousy music. Later on, he met producer Issame with whom he recorded a whole discography which made him a Raï music revelation.

The music of Reda Taliani is widely influenced by Cheb Khaled and Sahraoui styles but also by Bob Marley and Santana’s.

Throughout his music, Reda Taliani express young’s thoughts, pains and expectations. His texts were very criticized and accused to be excessive and leading to teen suicide.

Living in Aubagne, Marseille (France) since a long time, Reda Taliani is the new figure of French Rap-R’n’B scene. He last featured ‘’Partir Loin’’ with 113.


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