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Abderrahim Souiri - عبد الرحيم الصويري

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Abderrahim Souiri

Country: Morocco
Hits: 221844
Date of birth: 1957

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Biography of Abderrahim Souiri

Abderrahim Souiri, is a popular performer of Moroccan Andalusy. He was born Abderrahim Ait Chelleh, in 1957 in Essaouira, Morocco to a seven-sibling family.

Armed with a strong, exceptional voice he inherited from his father, an Imam (Muslim priest), Abderrahim Souiri had all ingredients of a successful performer of Moroccan Andalusian music or Malhoune (alsor Moussiqua al-âla). He joined a Jewish orchestra of his neighborhood.

Abderrahim Souiri moved to Casablanca at the age of twelve upon his father’s death. He gave up his studies at university to help his brother supporting the family. Thus, he began singing in religious parties before he met Haj Abdelkrim Raiss and launched his career in 1986.

Singing before the late king of Morocco, Hassan II, who was quite delighted about his performance, Abderrahim Souiri got the recognition he was seeking and a precious advice from the sovereign : trying other styles toward a polyvalent singing career.

Abderrahim Souiri is now one of the most esteemed singers of Morocco. He gave shows in world presitigious halls starting from Singapour to Montreal going by Paris and London.


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