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Country: Algeria
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Date of birth: 1949

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Biography of Idir

Idir, born Hamid Cheriet in 1949 in Aït Lahcène, Algeria , is an Algerian-Kabylian musician.

Graduated in Geology, Idir was promised to a brilliant career in the petroleum Industry but chose singing and became the ambassador of a very specific and significant culture : Kabylian one.

Armed with only his vocals and acoustic guitar, Idir had plenty of power on Algerian music scene. For a long time, he fought to bring recognition to Berber identity. His first album "A Vava inouva" was released in 1976. The title song "A Vava inouva" earned him a large fan base. His power becoming a threat for the government which had to get rid of him, Idir was exiled to Paris in 1975.

In 1979, Idir recorded his self-written second album "Ay Arrac Negh" and disappeared from musical scene for a decade.

Back in the fold in 1991, Idir released a compilation of seventeen songs from his first two albums. Two years later, "les Chasseurs de Lumières" came out two years later.


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