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Nouri Koufi

Country: Algeria
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Date of birth: 1954

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Biography of Nouri Koufi

Nouri Koufi, Algerian Hawzi and Aroubi interpret, was born on December 31, 1954 in Tlemcen (Algeria).

Nouri koufi entered musical scene at the early age of eight for he was adopted by notorious classical Hassein, Abour and Benali and for he had both an exceptional voice and a surprising inspiration. Nouri Koufi is also a self-made luth, Mandoline, Violin and Rbab player.

By 1974, Nouri Koufi, a school teacher, created a choir and directed students orchestra. His first disk, a 33 t. was released in 1977 followed by many other works. He recorded “Sidi Boumediene” in 1981-1982.

Nouri Koufi is also vice president of Songwriters, Composers, Interprets and Musicians Association (IPPO).


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