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Country: Lebanon
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Date of birth: 10/12/1980

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Biography of Massari

Massari, Lebanon-born, Canada-raised-up singer, was born Sari Fawasi Abboud December 10, 1981 in Beirut, Lebanon, is a R&B, pop and hip-hop singer.

At the age of 10, Massari moved to Montreal and then to Ottawa, Canada.

Having fluent English, French, and Arabic, Massari has quite large audiences in many countries.

Massari’s first title was "Spitfire" released in 2002, three years earlier than his first self-titled album “Massari” including 4 singles: “Smile For Me“ (feat Loon), “Be Easy“, “Rush The Floor“ (feat Belly) and a big hit “Real Love“. The album had a Gold plaque in Canada.

In 2007, Massari went on to record a second album on Sony BMG Europe. Singles "Say You love Me" and "In Love Again" of the album gave Massari a foretaste of how much success is expecting for his second opus.


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  • Pseudo : Hatice Katanani
  • Date : 19 january 2010
  • Hour : 19:03 GMT
  • Comment n° : 8001

Great songs, nice voice, wonderful singer! I would like to see him on TV much more often. It is a pity that he is not famous in Turkey. I am sure if he comes for a concert, he will make many real fans here. His English is very good. Being from an Arabic country makes him more enthusiastic. That's something to be proud of; to know that an Arab singer is so successful outside of his country. Expecting him soon and wishing him good luck in his career.

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