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Yara - يارا

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Country: Lebanon
Hits: 222043
Date of birth: 01/06/1983

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Biography of Yara

Yara, a popular Arab female singer, was born in Lebanon.

Yara has started her singing career at a young age. She first interpreted “Hob Kbeer”, a ballad with an outstanding success. A first album followed the song.

Thanks to a soulful voice and an attracting personality, Yara soon imposed her style. Her “Twassa Feyi” catapulted her into stardom. The music video of the song was a great success and have been played on heavy rotation on numerous Arab-speaking channels.

Later on, comes the next smash hit of Yara: a duet with the famous Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker titled “Akhidni Maak”.

After such a great success, Yara’s peak is not yet to come.


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Hawl Mrh


Skr Zyad'h


Jay Ayd Al-Hb


Ana Ansanh

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  • Pseudo : Doha
  • Date : 22 march 2010
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please send me yara's email or any contact number please because I have wrote a wonderful romantic khaliji song which can fit only for her angel voice and I really need her or any one on her behalf to contact me and I promise that she will never regret if she accept. I am a house wife and these words that I wrote are based on a real story and it is so nice and I also composed the music. I would very much appreciate if someone can help me and connect me with her by giving me her email address or mobile phone thank you very much.

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