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Abdelwahab Doukkali - عبد الوهاب الدكالي

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Abdelwahab Doukkali

Country: Morocco
Hits: 534093
Date of birth: 1941

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Biography of Abdelwahab Doukkali

Abdelwahab Doukkali, Moroccan singer, was born 1st January 1941.

Abdelwahab Doukkali is one of the Moroccan artists who built Golden age of Moroccan music .

Throughout a hundred of songs and compositions including '' Kan Ya Makan'', ''Souk Al Bacharia'', ''Marsoul el houb'' and so on, Abdelwahab Doukkali brought a lot to the most important musical repertoire of Morocco.


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  • Pseudo : Hamid
  • Date : 24 december 2010
  • Hour : 7:36 GMT
  • Comment n° : 10596

Abdelwahab Doukali was very smart student in high school.He sang since 1954.He is a charming person.He has a strong immagination and feeling.In seexty's he was a friend of the atress Sabah,abdelhalem hafeth and Farid el Altrash. He is the best composer in Morocco and sometimes in the Arab world. I wish a long life for him.

  • Pseudo : Bobo 555
  • Date : 13 december 2010
  • Hour : 11:23 GMT
  • Comment n° : 10518

Doukkali is one of geants of arabic music, always liked his music from "Ma ana illa bashar" to "Hkayt hawa" and more. But when he came up with "kan ya ma kan" and opened the curtain of the song with berber music he proved to the all people that he is the best! Doukkali is always in my heart...long life maestro.

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