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Cheb Rhany Kabbadj - الشاب غاني القباج


Cheb Rhany Kabbadj

Country: Morocco
Hits: 153396
Date of birth: 1972

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Biography of Cheb Rhany Kabbadj

Cheb Rhany Kabbadj, also known as Rhany, is a Moroccan singer born in Marrakech to a Moroccan father, a flute player, and an Algerian mother who taught him Algerian culture.

Rhany moved to El Manzeh, Tunisia at the age of fourteen. He also lived in Paris and the United-states of America before he definitively went back to Morocco where he signed on Platinium Music.

Rhany’s music was inescapably but fortunately influenced by his respective journeys, especially to Cuba, and was thus made of a wonderful meld of Maghrebian, Latino, Spanish and Hindi elements. “Khallouny” is Rhany’s latest work. An eight-tracked album including a hit song “Malakt Rohi”.

Rhany’s was the winner of the Best North-African Singer for his song “Un mot pour toi”.


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