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Country: Morocco
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Date of birth: 2001

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Biography of Darga

Darga is a Moroccan group from Casablanca, Morocco.

Darga is the expression of a new Maghrebian world music style. Formed in 2001 by a group of the beaux-arts students, Darga music is a mix between traditional and modern, profane and holy, urban and rural rhythms aiming to keep safe the Moroccan musical patrimony while remaining opened to the world music styles.

Darga devotes its music to express young people complaints and hopes.

Darga has performed over than 100 concerts all over Morocco and presented notorious musical figures like Manu Dibango, Youssou N'dour, Gnawa Diffusion, Sergent Garcia, Raina Rai, Rai Barreto, Ray Lema...

Darga is above all a stage groupe inspired by Reggae, Ragga, Gnawa, Allaoui, Rock, Ska, Dub, Funk and Jazz rhythms.


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