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Fez City Clan

Country: Morocco
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Date of birth: 2000

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Biography of Fez City Clan

Fez City Clan is a Moroccan Rap band which was created in 2000 by Dj Toto - Dj, producer and a studio owner. L –tzack, Seigneur M, Crazy-H and MC Anno are the other members of the band.

Fez City Clan appeared first in Fez scene with very successful remixes and a revival rap. The group swayed from a stage to another, productions succeeded, fan’s multiplied and career blossomed.

In 2005, Fez City Clan participated in the seventh edition of the talent event “Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens” dedicated to help young artists rise up. Fez City Clan won the Prize and earned audiences recognition of the group talent, creativity and commitment which were confirmed by its contribution in the following tour offered by Maroc Telecom and in Agadir Festival.

Fez City Clan first professional work was “Hand In Hand”, a song about orphan children. The music video of the song was aired in rotation at local television stations.

On April 25, 2006, Fez City Clan released its first album “Fez” sold over one hundred copies only in Felix Club of Fez the day of its release. It is worth to notice that the album contributed to increase Hip Hop popularity in Morocco up to 80% so that emergence of new groups happened overnight.


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