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Haja Hamdaouia - الحاجة الحمداوية


Haja Hamdaouia

Country: Morocco
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Biography of Haja Hamdaouia

Haja Hamdaouia, popular Moroccan singer born in Casablanca (Morocco).

Haja Hamdaouia is among the rare Moroccan women singers who have contributed to modernize Moroccan popular song of the 1950s.
Haja Hamdaouia is particularly an artist who converted the Aïta Marsawiya genre, which was perceived as immoral, to an independent music style at the very outset of Moroccan television.

Haja Hamdaouia, supported by a patchword orchestra, sang "Daba Yji", "Jiti majiti", "Dada ou hiyani", "Mal hbibi'liya" et "Hna mada bina" still present in musical memory of most Moroccans and mumbled by contemporary singers in Morocco.


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