Hel Lmkane - هل لمكان

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Hel Lmkane

Country: Morocco
Hits: 28062
Date of birth: 1998

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Biography of Hel Lmkane

Hel Lmkane, formerly Fes Mafia, is a Moroccan Rap group founded in 1998 by Sabiu and Ismaïl.

Hel Lmkane’s first concert was in 2001 in Fez and gained a lot of appreciation from audiences. Encouraged, Hel Lmkane started composing around numerous themes expressing young problems and hopes.

Hel Lmkane launched a first album in 2005 which took the group to several events, concerts, tours and Festivals all over Morocco and beyond.

Hel Lmkane subsequent work is an eighteen-tracked album.


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