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Country: Morocco
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Date of birth: 1991

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Biography of Imghrane

Imghrane is a Moroccan Amazigh band formed in 1991 in Douar Aska, Anou Nadou in Tiznit.

Imghrane’s members constantly changed but deeply influenced the band style. Other than its permanent members Mohamed Selk (Banjo) and Abderahmane Hebou (Tom tom), Imghrane also lines up vocalist Habou’s brother Larbi and Tahar Abraych.

All native of Tiznit, well-known as the capital of Moroccan Amazigh music, Imghrane’s members were very involved in music at a very early age. Ex-performers of Ahwach dance band, virtuosos of traditional flute and rhythm instrument, Imghrane’s line-up is full of talent and contributes widely to the notoriety of the band.


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