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Country: Morocco
Hits: 15195
Date of birth: 2000

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Biography of K-Libre

K-Libre is a Moroccan group formed in 2000 in Meknès, Morocco.

K-libre first gathered 4 rappers and as changes in the line-up occurs, the group kept a founder duo including Mehdi and SimoPhilo.

In 2001, K-Libre recorded two tracks which established them in the Meknessi musical scene. By 2005, K-libre gained official recognition at the national level as the group was the winner of the program Boulevard des Jeunes Musicians for the category Rap/Hip-Hop.

Unfortunately, K-Libre never had the mediatization it deserves. After having performed in many events, K-libre broke the silence with a first Maxi featuring 8 titles and entitled “L’Mraya”.


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