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Naima Samih

Country: Morocco
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Biography of Naima Samih

Naima Samih is a popular Moroccan singer born in the south of Morocco.

Naima Samih started singing at the age of nine. Almost immediately, she gave up school and entered a sewing workshop that she quitted as soon.

In the early 1970s, Naima Samih participated to Abdelkader Rachdi talent show « Mawahib » and earned hearty applause from both the jury and the audiences. During the following decade, Naima conquered Arab esteems and sang “Yaka Ajarhi”, a pearl of her discography.

Naima is reputed to have always been singing her own pains and suffers. She was called Edith Piaf of Morocco. During her thirty-years-career, she collaborated with eminent Moroccan songwriters and composers. She constantly has been against seeking fame outside Morocco.


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