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Najat Aatabou - نجاة اعتابو

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Najat Aatabou

Country: Morocco
Hits: 842484
Date of birth: 09/03/1960

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Biography of Najat Aatabou

Najat Atabou, Moroccan Chaâbi music performer.

Born to a conservative family, Najat Atabou chose a musical career despite of her parents disapproving. She had quitted her home in Khemissat (Morocco) at a young age.
Najat Atabou appeared on stage in 1981 with a song ''J'en ai marre'' inspired by a true story of one Najat's friends. After the success of the song, Najat Atabou felt deeply concerned by women's problems and thought about dedicating her voice to women.

Thus, Najat Atabou released numerous songs about love, marriage, lies, unfaithfulness, prostitution… such as ''Kdba Bayna'', ''Choufi Ghirou''. She also sang about society illnesses as unemployment, money and illegal immigration.


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