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Sabah Fakhri - صباح فخري

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Sabah Fakhri

Country: Syria
Hits: 336272
Date of birth: 1933

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Biography of Sabah Fakhri

Sabah Fakhri, Syrian singer, was born in 1933, in Alep, Syria to a religious family.

Sabah Fakhri first entered Alep Conservatory and then moved to Damascus. Fan of eminent Ali Darwich, Omar Batch and Mohamed Rajab, Sabah Fakhri dreamed of a singing career he will devote to traditional Arab music. Thus, he tried to give a novel look to Muwachahat, an andalousy-inspired style he inherited from his homeland Alep, henceforth played by a larger orchestra instead of the old Takht. Sabah Fakhri indeed succeded his project and earned much fame as a tenor of Alepian Mowashahat.

Sabah Fakhri discography is made of the most popular musical works performed with a very impressing talent and a total apprehension of technics like Al Wasla, Mawawil, Sammaï and Taqsims. With songs like « Ibat li Gawab », « Ya Mali Sham » and « Kaddak El Mayass », Sabah Fakrih was giving, for decades during, countless shows in the most prestigious halls of the worls. In 1978, he received the Golden Medal of Arab Music of Damas.

Sabah Fakhri entered the big screen with movies: « Nagham el Ams », « ou Al Wadi Al Kabir » alongside Algerian female singer Warda which films contributed hugely to build his popularity. Interpreting eminent poets of Islam, Sabah Fakhri quickly became a regular of Festival of Fes held in Morocco every year.


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Sabah Fakhri

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Sabah Fakhri

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Sabah Fakhri

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Sabah Fakhri

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Sabah Fakhri

Ymr Ajba

Sabah Fakhri

Skaba Yadmw' Al-Yn

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