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Cheb Hasni

Cheb Hasni, born Hasni Chekroun on February 1st, 1968 in Oran (Algeria), was a performer of Algerian Raï music.

Cheb Hasni was intersted in music from an early age. He got his chance when singing in a local wedding where Naoui brothers were leading the group. Bewitched by his voice, they proposed him a stage in La Guinguette club.
Cheb Hasni had his big chance when remarked by a producer, he was asked to record with the Raï performer, Chaba Zahouania. Indeed, they published, in 1987, the very controversial "Beraka" ("The Shack") which gained the singer much fame with one million copies sold.
Later, Cheb Hasni launched an another hit "El Visa" which was sold 250,000 copies.
Cheb Hasni, star of the late 1980s, was known across Norh Africa not only for his provocative songs but particularly for his love songs.

Cheb Hasni was murdered outside his parents' home in Oran (Algeria), on September 29th, 1994.

Comments on Cheb Hasni

  • Pseudo : Lahsen
  • Date : 4 september 2009
  • Hour : 11:45 GMT
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Dear Hasni's Loves,
First of all this is the first time that I write a comment about Cheb Hasni, because I love his stile/voice since he started to sing. Really no one can replace hasni or try to do like him, on the other hand hasni still lives in our heart never dead, ALLA yarahmo,

Further more the best thing witch attract me for Hasni is his careness of people and his simpleness without any complicated not like other stars.
At last I can say that I will never forget you.

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