Cheb Nasro - الشاب نصرو

Biography of Cheb Nasro

Cheb Nasro

Cheb Nasro, a Raï music performer, was born on november 30th, 1960 in Ain-Temouchent (Algéria).

Impressed by that northern Africa sound fusing western rhythms with Far Eastern beats, Cheb Nasro, having witnessd algerian independence process and civil war of the 90s, chose Raï music to express algerian pains.
Cheb Nasro first released ‘’Departures’’. Tracks ‘’Fatima’’ and ‘’Enfin, enfin’’ quickly became hits due to their dance rhythm.
His next ‘’Akadt Aalik Gualb’’ was not as popular, but things pick back up on "El-Hob Saib" and later on "Mon Amour".
In addition to 130 albums dedicated to algerian cause, Cheb Nasro released some well-known love songs.

Cheb Nasro is the only Raï artist signed with an american label, Miles Copeland's Mondo Melodia

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