Cheb Titou - الشاب تيتو

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    Biography of Cheb Titou

    Cheb Titou

    Cheb Titou is an Algerian Raî singer


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    • Pseudo : Sweet
    • Date : 25 january 2010
    • Hour : 23:34 GMT
    • Comment n° : 8075

    I just love his hits, especially 100%, it brings lots of sweet memories. I danced quite a lot on these songs, and I still enjoy them. At my aunt's in 2002, everybody noticed how I excelled when I swayed all over the room just rejoicing. I still wish to have found more of his songs, yet I'm hugely grateful to have got these. Thank you a lot for giving me the opportunity to listen to one my favorite songs, I love you 100% like his lyrics say. If you need translation, I'll be happy to provide one.

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