Hamid Baroudi - حميد البارودي

Biography of Hamid Baroudi

Hamid Baroudi

Hamid Baroudi, Algerian born, Germany-based singer, composer and guitar virtuoso.

Hamid Baroudi grew up in Algeria. In 1981, he moved to France and three years later to Germany to study music in the Academy of Music of Cassel. After graduating, he first sang in the streets and later joined Dissidenten band as a front singer. With English musician Peter Garbriel’s, Hamid Baroudi went in tours across Europe and to Japan in 1991 for the propaganda of his album “Caravan to Baghdad” which was #1 in 17 country.

Hamid Baroudi’s most popular songs are : “Caravan to Bagdad”, “Disidenden (1991)”, “Salama” (1995), “Sidi” (2001) and “Streets of Algiers” .

Hamid Baroudi is living in Germany.

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