Lotfi Double Kanon - لطفي دوبل كنون

Biography of Lotfi Double Kanon

Lotfi Double Kanon

Lotfi Double Kanon, Algerian Rap music performer, was born July 6th, 1974 in Annaba (Algeria).

Graduated in Engineering Geology in 1998, Lotfi Double Kanon is also a big fan of Rap music.
Born to a family of modest means, Lotfi Double Kanon bought his first synthesizer with his summer job earnings. Later on, he presented his tracks to a local radio and started to play in Annaba's scenes and quickly earned a large young public.

Lotfi Double Kanon latest album is ''Kauchmar'' released in February 2008.

Comments on Lotfi Double Kanon

  • Pseudo : Rap Arabic
  • Date : 3 august 2009
  • Hour : 3:22 GMT
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Lotfi is the best singer ever happened
Just go on allah may help you pal.
I listened to almost all you songs i found them interesting and above all i can smell that you are a believer in god i can see that i believe in god too and i believe in islam just keep on struggling and we rae with you forever and we hope we will meet in the afterlife in the jennah . Your songs about palestine are very god and you have a good criyical eye for what is really happening there between palestinians and israelians or just palestinian civil war;

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