Mohamed Lamine - محمد لمين

Biography of Mohamed Lamine

Mohamed Lamine

Mohamed Lamine, Algerian-born Raï singer.

Mohamed Lamine is one of the best-known Rai-love style performers. This Oran Style attracted numerous artists and gave birth to several Algerian stars such as Cheb Nasro, Houari Dauphin and the eminent trio of 1,2,3 soleils band.

Mohamed Lamine was revealed to public, in 2004, while first appearing alongside Magic System band in the video of “Un Gaou”. The same year, he was one of the trio of the song “Mon Bled”.

At ease with duets, Mohamed Lamine sang “Ntya” with Kelyha in 2004, “Loin du ravage” with NessBeal in 2006, “Tawahachtek Bezzaf” with Latifa Raâfat (2006) and the very latest “Mamamiya” with Reda 6k released in 2007.

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