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    Biography of Oulahlou


    Oulahlou, born Abderrahmane Lahlou on August 9, 1963 in Takorabt, a small village in the Kabyle, is an Algerian singer.

    While in the high school, Oulahlou attended the political unrest and the cultural bubbling of Berbers, in short to those years of intensive struggle in Algeria. During the same period, Oulahlou made his first steps into the music world covering the most influencal and popular songs of the time. Later on, Oulahlou prepared a bachelor in psychology and progressed in his singing career approaching many musical styles and learning about other cultures.

    Returning to the Kabyle, Oulahlou began sculpting a style which will be later recognized as a universal music because of the mix between Chaoui folk, Tindi, Staïfi, Malouf, Haouzi and Kabylian melodies, the all with a Steevie Wonder tune.

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