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Biography of Souad Massi

Souad Massi

Souad Massi is an Algerian singer born August 23, 1972 in Algiers to Kabylian parents very attached to music.

Souad Massi grew up in Bab El-Oued district with the sound of Chaâbi music, American rock and Portuguese Folk, Pop, coutry and Fado, thus she got music bases and learnt to play guitar at a very early age. She especially felt attracted to Flamenco and joined Les Trianas Algerian band by 1989. Academically, Souad graduated the same year, in engineering.

Souad Massi started performing in Algiers with a new hard-rock called Atakor and later recorded her first demo which met a great success among Anglo-Saxon music admirers.

On January 10, 1999, Souad Massi was hosted by the Femmes d'Alger Festival held in Cabaret Sauvage of Paris. Noticed by an Island-Mercury agent, she establised in France.

“Raoui“ was released in 2001, quickly conquered critics and audiences and took Souad and her musicians to several concerts across France.

Souad Massi was considered as the spokeswoman of Algerian young people. With Universal, she recorded Universal a second album “Deb” in 2003. Meanwhile, the young artist sang a duo such eminent French singers as Marc Lavoine, Ismael Lo and Florent Pagny.

En 2005 Souad Massi prepared her third album.

Souad Massi sings in Algerian dialect, in French and sometimes in Kabylian Berber.

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