Warda Al Jazairia - وردة الجزائرية

Biography of Warda Al Jazairia

Warda Al Jazairia

Warda Al Jazairia, Algerian singer, was born in Puteaux (France) in 1940 to an Algerian father and a Lebanese mother.

Warda Al Jazairia started singing in 1951 when she was only 11 years-old. Very quickly she imposed herself with very patriotic Algerian songs.
In 1958, due to her songs, Warda Al Jazairia left France and moved to Beyrouth (Lebanon) and then to Algeria after its independence .
In 1962, Warda Al Jazairia got married and gave up her singing career at the request of her husband. In 1972, she was solicited by Algerian president Houari Boumediene to sing at Algeria's independence anniversary. Her husband Angry, Warda divorced and went to Egypt to begin a musical career.
In Egypt, Warda Al Jazairia met the famous composer Baligh Hamdi with whom she got married and worked on many of her songs together with other renowned Egyptian composers Mohamed Abdelwahab or Sayyed Mekkawy. A few years later, her disks are sold millions of albums all over the world and her discography reaches some 300 successful songs including ""Lola El Malama", "Batwannes Bik", ""Harramt Ahibbak", "Wahashtouni" …

Warda Al Jazairia also acted in many Egyptian movies.

Comments on Warda Al Jazairia

  • Pseudo : Marine Beaubridges
  • Date : 13 august 2011
  • Hour : 18:05 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11462

Lving in Chicago in the mid-90's, Warda was introduced to me by very dear Arabic friends of mine, who also, loved and played your music all the time. I fell in love with your sensational voice, beautiful songs and, eventhough. I didn't understand the lyrics, the emotions that seemed to, naturally, flow out of your voice, made your songs even more mystical and powerful, in my eyes. To this day, you remain my favorite Arabic female artist Your songs bring me back to THE best, epic years of my life and I wouldn't/didn't trade that for anything; you're the best! Thank you for making such wonderful music that captured my heart and created some of the best memories I have of that era.

  • Pseudo : Magda
  • Date : 14 march 2010
  • Hour : 10:27 GMT
  • Comment n° : 8459

You are the best. I have been in love with you since I was a little girl. And even if I have been going all around the world, I never forgot you or your songs! You will be in my heart until the last day of my life. I do love your old songs in the film almaz wa 3bdell hamolly too. I Pray God to give you health and happiness. Hope you are well and having a good time, wish I could meet you someday.

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