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Biography of Amal Maher

Amal Maher

Amal Maher is one of the rising, talented Egyptian young singers.

Amal Maher grew up with only one sound Oum Kalthoum’s. Seduced by “Essit” art, she dreamed of a heady singing career. It was her husband, Mohamed Diae” who gave her the opportunity to achieve her childhood dream by proposing her a song and a music video. “Ely Binak W Binha” was a great success and was aired on all music TV Channels earning Amal Maher the recognition she sought and huge sales on her album.

In the same time, Amal Maher was blackmailing her husband to pay his divorce from her. The issue highlighted Amal Maher even more.

Amal Maher is now preparing for her second album.

Comments on Amal Maher

  • Pseudo : Shwikar El
  • Date : 28 july 2010
  • Hour : 0:27 GMT
  • Comment n° : 9474

You have a beautiful voice, But this is not every thing. Specially when you sing Om Kaltoum song. We have to respect her memory and dress conservative like she did. You are free to dress any way you like when you sing your own songs. There are many other singers who sing om Kalthoum songs. They are not as good as you are. But they also dress inappropriately. Sometimes I close my eyes so I can listen only without looking to who is singing. It's is not that I like Om Kalthoum very much. But I like the honesty in imitation, Thank you. I hope I am not upsetting you.

  • Pseudo : Faraz Irani
  • Date : 13 november 2011
  • Hour : 16:50 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11715

Dear Amal Maher,
When I hear your beautiful voice at any time,I feel that I am living in another world, as feel as in the heaven. It is hard to say my emotion.I like Ehyptian classical music.
I wish I could come to Egypt and have a chance to see you for a while and taking a few photo with you.
I am an Iranian, I am 59 years old. I have family here in Sweden. we have been living in Seweden for 26 years as a refugee.
I work in art area(multimedia- web designer,sound and picture).

  • Pseudo : Mohammai
  • Date : 22 august 2009
  • Hour : 5:24 GMT
  • Comment n° : 6434

I love Amal Maher's songs. I have attempted a lot to find her CDs at Dubai but I couldn't. Unfortunately we don't have credit card in Iran to be able to order a list of her CDs. Please let me know how I can receive some. I hope she be successful in her life and always be attractive and good singer through her life. I sometime hear her song at Tarab, Nilesat but I don't know the usual time of broadcasting to plan ahead to see and hear her beautiful singing.

  • Pseudo : Adel
  • Date : 21 september 2010
  • Hour : 23:56 GMT
  • Comment n° : 9847

Don't listen to traditionalist they like to live in make believe; you are the modern, the life we need more life and not hypocrisy. Arab people don't even know how to question not that other people know but we should think or try to. You need good level don't take cheap and don't be persuaded be low level and don't be persuaded by someone who think they know poetry. Don"t sell yourself to them they are living in old and boring songs.

  • Pseudo : Mme. Koubi
  • Date : 1 april 2011
  • Hour : 17:07 GMT
  • Comment n° : 10996

Amal Maher is one of the greatest arab world singers. I love her voice and I am a big fan.It's a pleasure to hear a great interpretation of OUM Kalthoum's Songs.
I will be happy to see her in a live concert

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