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Mohamed Fouad

Mohamed Fouad, born Mohamed Fouad Abd El Hamid Hassan on the 20th, December 1961 in Cairo (Egypt) to an eight-sibling family, is an Egyptian singer, actor and songwriter.

Mohamed Fouad grew up with the sound of Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid Al Atrache and Oum Kalsoum legendary songs. He discovered his singing talent while participating in school parties and local events. It was notorious actor Ezzat Abu Auf who noticed him and help him involve Four M singing group.

Mohamed Fouad first album was “Habeina” including Mohamed’s breakthrough single “Hawada’ak” which succeeded immediately after release thanks to its music video. “Al Hob Al Haqiqi” was the next smash hit of Mohamed Fouad. The music video of the song, including phenomenal children chorusing for love, quickly became very popular and rose Fouad to prominence as one of the top Arab Singing Popular Stars.

Fouad's success extended to his acting career. Mohamed Fouad first role was in the movie “Amrica Shika Bika”. He then starred in “Al Qalb Wa Ma Yaashaq” and “Ismaileya Rayeh Gay” which movie led to a revolution of Egyptian cinematography. Mohamed Fouad latest film was “Ghawi Hob”.

As prominent as he as a singer and actor, Mohamed Fouad is a talented composer and songwriter. His trade mark song is “La Azon”.

Mohamed Fouad latest album is "Ya Habibi".

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