Mohamed Mohy - محمد موحي

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    Biography of Mohamed Mohy

    Mohamed Mohy

    Mohamed Mohy is an Egyptian singer.

    He rose to fame with the songs 'Ahl El Malam' and 'Ana Bashkourak' which was very popular.

    Mohamed Mohy released many albums among them is cited ' Rou7 Alby', 'A'atbak', 'Shari3 El Hawa', 'Leih El 7abib','7abit', 'Soura w Dem3a', '9ader w Te3melha'...

    Throughout his career, Mohamed Mohy shot a number of his songs as video clips that increased his fame and popularity such as ' 'Leh Beyafakarouni ', 'Waso El Ayam', '9ader w Te3melha', 'Bet7ebe Nafsak'...

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