Saad Al Soghayar - سعد الصغير

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    Biography of Saad Al Soghayar

    Saad Al Soghayar

    Saad Alsoghayar, Egyptian Shaabi style performer.

    Following Hakim’s path, Saad Alsoghayar made his debut in the very deep of U.S where he released his first album in 2006. He quickly built himself a brilliant career of Shaabi perfomer through a purely traditional sound.

    Saad Alsoghayar is among the most the most popular, widely renowned Shaabi Egyptian artists. Saad Alsoghayar’s works includes “Bellydance Superstars, vol. 3”, “High Quality Arabic Music, Vol. 1”.

    His most popular songs include :
    Bel Arabi
    Kalam ala Meen
    Shokran Aal Akher
    Ya Tayeba Yamma

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