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    Biography of Sherine Wagdy

    Sherine Wagdy

    Sherine Farouk Salem better known by her stage name Sherine Wagdy is an Egyptian singer.

    She was discovered by the famous radio stationer Wagdy El Hakim. Also, the famous composer Baligh Hamdi was convicted of her talent and introduced her to play the character of 'Almaz' in 'Bawabet El Haawani'.

    Sherine Wagdy released many albums, among them is cited 'Anta El Nos EL Helw', 'Sadakny', 'Maakdarsh', 'Law Bina Eih', and 'Kol Dah'.
    She rose the fame with her song ' Law Bina Aih', which was very popular.

    Also, she acted in several serials such as 'Hekayet El Guarib', 'Abou Kassem El Tanbury', 'Zokak El Zankakdar', 'Bawabet El Halawani' and plays like ' El Sindibada El Baharia', 'Fares and Gamila', 'Eli Bana Masr'.

    Throughout her career, she won many prizes: ' the best video clip in Radio and Television Festival for her songs ' Maakdarsh' in 2001, and 'Law Bina Aih' in 2002, and the title of the best singer on her album 'Law Bina Aih' in Oscar Festival on 2002 in Sharm El Sheikh, the best Arab singer in 2004 in the questionnaire of Art Channel and Dream Channel....

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