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Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny, egyptian singer, actor and composer, was born in Cairo (Egypt) on August 16, 1977.

Tamer Hosny is graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies from October Six University.
Later on, Tamer Hosny signe with Mahrous' Free Music in 2002. Tamer Hosny's single debut was a big hit "Habibi Wenta B'eed" (Sweetheart, When you're far away).
In 2003, Tamer Hosny starred in ''Halet Hobb'' (A State of Love) for which the music was featured by the singer.
In 2004, Tamer Hosny launched his first album ''Hobb'' (Love). ''Arrab Habibi'' (Get closer my sweetheart) from the album boosted his career as a solo artist and was played on satellite music channels and a lot of arab radios stations .
Tamer Hosny came back to the stage in 2005, with the movie ''Sayyed El Atfy'' within which 2 new hits were performed by Tamer "Koll Marra" and "Nour Einy".
In 2005, Tamer Hosni was sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined 50,000 L.E for having forged a document exempting him from military service. He was released on September 16th, 2006. ''Einaya Bethebbak'' (I cherish you) was launched during his imprisonment.
In 2007, Tamer Hosny released a new album "Ya Bent El-Eih", featuring 13 songs. In the same year, he released the movie Omar & Salma.

Tamer latest album is ''Il Ganna Fe Biotna'' (Heaven is in our homes) including islamic songs published on September 10th, 2007.

Comments on Tamer Hosny

  • Pseudo : Lilliane Kamel
  • Date : 13 september 2011
  • Hour : 10:15 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11562

Hi Tamer Hosny,
My name is Lilliane Kamel and I was born in Australia, but my parents are Egyptian so that means that I understand all your words in your music and songs.
Your music, albums, movies and off course the TV series, "ADAM" is amazaing and has created a huge success.
You are an amazing person. I love you not because who you are or your music being amazing or anything, but I love you because you are honoured in the whole world's heart and that you deserve all the best in everything in your life.

I would like to thank you for everything you are trying to do to make all your friends and biggest fans very proud and happy of you.

I hope to see you soon in Australia making a world tour enshaalla.

All the best
Lilliane Kamel

  • Pseudo : Suhair
  • Date : 30 august 2011
  • Hour : 23:04 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11526

Dear Tamer Hosny,
Congratulations for the gorgeous and successful series (ADAM), you have done an excellent job, go ahead. Adam, you made me cry a lot. It is outstanding and astonishing series. You Egyptian citizens are great; you are the greatest citizens of the entire Arab world. I wish you all the best. May God bless you. I heard good things about you and that you are talented and inclusive.
Best regards from a 51 years old Palestinian woman lives in Canada.

  • Pseudo : Randa Amar
  • Date : 16 january 2010
  • Hour : 20:29 GMT
  • Comment n° : 7974

I'm Egyptian and I love your music. I don't live in Egypt but I just can"t stop listen to your music, it really calms me down. I live in America and it's been few years since I've started listening to your music and there's something about you that makes me feel the music from my country. I want to say thank you and keep up the good work! If I ever go back home to Egypt, I would love to meet you. P.S: I'm listen to your music while writing this comment.

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