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Hussein Al Salman - حسين السلمان

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    Hussein Al Salman

    Country: Jordan
    Hits: 24253


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    Hussein Al Salman

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    Comments on Hussein Al Salman

    • Pseudo : Reyna
    • Date : 11 november 2010
    • Hour : 18:16 GMT
    • Comment n° : 10264

    Habibi a voice like yours brings sunshine to my day I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, I wish you would have a concert here in Chicago U.S.A so I can finally see you singing live in concert. I'm sure so many people would love to have you here in Chicago. Don't change nothing, everything about you is perfect ''your voice your looks, your style'' and hopefully someday I will see you in person enta hayati, habibi and WOW here you sing live would be a dream come true for me (REYNA).

    • Pseudo : Alaa
    • Date : 30 august 2011
    • Hour : 19:52 GMT
    • Comment n° : 11524

    Hussian el Salaman is from the city I am from in jordan. He has an amazing voice and a wonderful personality. He loves his fans. I spoke to him last summer when I was down in jordan and he was soo humble and nice. His concerts are so much fun and he singing live doesn't not change like other singers. I would love to see him here in the USA because I know a lot of people would come and support him.

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