Mousa Moustafa - موسى مصطفى

Biography of Mousa Moustafa

Mousa Moustafa

Mousa Moustafa is a Jordanian singer.

Mousa Moustafa grew up in a Syrian house with the sound of religious chants. In 1987, Mousa Moustafa first participated to a Festival held by the Jordanian University of Aman. Later, many events took him out of Jordan. He released his first album in 1999 entitled “Leil Wa Qamar” in which the influence of the Atifi and Wijdani styles was evident.

In 2001, Mousa Moustafa released his second album “Ha Qad Rahalt” including iraqian, yemenian and Syrian folk melodies. The album was followed by the eight-tracked “Li Ajlik Oghanni” in 2004. Mousa Moustafa also contributed in other albums like “Ilayki”, “Maraya”, “Operett Oumat El Milyar” and others.

Mousa Moustafa’s latest album was “Ahibini”.

Comments on Mousa Moustafa

  • Pseudo : Fatema Mohamed Ali Eldeib
  • Date : 30 january 2012
  • Hour : 17:59 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11893

Salmou Aleykoum.
How are you? I hope you are fine and always will be.
we want to hear your great voice reading quran, but this time all the quran not only pieces.
I've been always following your videos and songs, and we want new songs with your great voice, all your songs are great. We hope you'll make new songs and video clips.
Your last video "Sallou aleyh" was a great job.
Thanks in advice, We hope you'll do what we asked to you.
From: Fatema moahmmed el deib from egypt, your grand fan.

And we hope the freedom and justice for sirians.

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