Toni Qattan - طوني قطان

Biography of Toni Qattan

Toni Qattan

Toni Qattan is a Jordanian singer. He was born on August 11th, 1985.
At the age of 8, Toni began to play the guitar and piano.

He rose to prominence with his hits ' Betghib Alayah', and ' Awedtini Sahr il Layali' which was very popular.

He shot the music video of the songs 'Awedteni' and ' Betghib Alaya'.

Toni released two albums entitled ' Ayouni Sahrana' which contains 6 tracks and ' Malakshi Zai' (10 tracks).

Also Tony Qattan composed a song for Lebanese singer Joe Ashkar, and Arab Superstar Diana Karazon.

Comments on Toni Qattan

  • Pseudo : The Lebanese Beiruti
  • Date : 4 march 2012
  • Hour : 22:00 GMT
  • Comment n° : 12001

Hey Guys. Toni Qattan is not Jordanian. He is Palestinian. I think it's important to state that. I am lebanese and wouldn't want anyone to claim i am jordanian or anything else so i give the same courtesy to tony qattan. He is Palestinian and nobody should call him anything else.

Tony, you have an amazing voice and i appreciate your talent.
Thank you for sharing yout talent with us. We appreciate it.

Take care and be safe bro.

  • Pseudo : Afridi Affaf
  • Date : 24 may 2011
  • Hour : 4:12 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11175

Toni qatan is one of the best singer in middle east. I jus love his music even though I dont understand arabic that much because english is my first language, but still i adore his music. He has a beautiful voice. In my opinion, toni qatan is absalutely superb, best singer! I wish him all the succes in coming years and in future

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