Nabil Shuail - نبيل شعيل

Biography of Nabil Shuail

Nabil Shuail

Nabil Shuail is a Kuwaitian singer. He was born in Junuary 1st, 1962.

Nabil Shuail is nicknamed the Golf Nightingale.

He rose to fame with the song 'Ya Shams', 'Shoufi Gheirou', 'Ma Arwa'ak'...

Troughout his career, Nabil Shuail shot a number of his songs as video clips that increased his fame and popularity among them is cited ' Janeey', 'Ana Nater', 'Min Gal', 'Ma Nsitehoum', 'Leih Ya Gharam', 'Misk El Khitam'...

In 2007, he launched his last album entitled 'Nbim Shuail 2007' which includes 9 tracks.

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