Aline Khalaf - ألين خلف

Biography of Aline Khalaf

Aline Khalaf

Aline khalaf is a Lebanese singer. She has a sister 'Grace' and a brother' George'.

She participated in talent show 'Layali Lebnan' and won the Global Medal.
Since then Aline was convicted that singing is her true passion.

She started to perform in big restaurants, ends she signed a contract with a production company, and she launched her first album entitled ' Khayfa Menak'.

She has in her active many successful albums like ' Bsat El Rih', 'Ya Zein', 'Wayed Wayed', 'La Li Leh', 'Azza Alaya', 'Law Andak Kalam', 'Aloulak Eh', 'Sodfa'.....

Aline Khalaf has shot a music videos of his songs ' Wayed wayed', 'La Ley Lah', 'Dala'a El Habayeb', 'Azz Alaya', 'Law Andak Kalam', 'Aloulak Eh'and ' Ba3dak 3al Bal'.

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