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Assi El Helani

Assi El Helani, born Mohamed El Helani November 28, 1970 in Baalbeck, Lebanon, is a famous Lebanese singer.

Seduced by music since an early age, Assi El Helani never let go the opportunity of participating and winning, on the same occasion, the Art Studio TV Program which opened to him all successes gates by revealing him to audiences.

Feeling the weight of both public expectations and the hard competitiveness of the rising Lebanese musical scene of the 1990s, Assi El Helani was determined to present that special style that can make him achieve his dream of being a popstar. He then released one his first single which was one his biggest hits ever: “Wani Mareq Marreet”.

Assi El Helani’s subsequent hit was “Ya Nakira Lma3rouf”. He since released more than a dozen albums.

From Jerash to Carthage, Assi El Helani has performed in numerous musical events and gave shows around the Arab world, Europe and America. For his works, Assi collaborated with notorious composers and songwriters.

Comments on Assi El Helani

  • Pseudo : Luay Qunash
  • Date : 12 november 2012
  • Hour : 22:33 GMT
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Assi is a great singer with a lovely charissma
He is the best in the VOICE program.
I think he should be part of a more musical plays as he has the personality for it.

He has a very nice voice , pleasant personality and seems to be a helpful person.
He is very presentable on stage and I like most of his songs.
He is doing a very good job in the program the Voice and he should be part of X-FACTOR and ARAB IDOLE.

We would like to see a lot of Assi in an interview to know more about him

Good luck Assi in all you do

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