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Fadel Shaker

Fadel Shaker, born Abdul Rahman Shamandar April, 1st, 1969 in Saida (Libanon), is a libanese singer.

Fadel Shaker first sang Umm Kulthum, Abdelhalim Hafez, Farid Al Attrach and other Arab Legends. Later on, he was discovered by an agent from Stallions Company label with whom he signed on for three albums.
Fadl's first album « Wallah Zaman » (Sweet old time) was released in 1998. Songs of the album were composed and written by well-known arab composers and songwriters.
« Baya'a El Qolob » (Cheater), was the second album of Fadel Shaker published in 1999. The title song was an overwhelming sucess. Hit # 1 on all charts in the first week, the song brought to Fadl the fame he aspired to and huge sales of the album in the Middle East.
In 2000, Fadel Shaker released his third album was « El Hob El Adem » (old love) with such hits like « Ash Men Shafak » (We have been missing you).
After « Hobak Khayal » (You love is a shadow) ( 2001), a successful duet with Arab Gulf singer Nawal (2002), Fadl Shaker released an outstanding radio smash-hit « Ya Ghayeb » (Why are you so far away) which reached # 1 status on all Arabic stations in the Middle East.

Fadl's coming album was "Dehkat Eldonya" (Life smiles at me). His latest album is « Ya msaharni lil » (I can't sleep because of you).

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When I was working in Bahrain, I started to listen your songs and I became inspired everyday. I had a boyfriend in Bahrain who also likes you very much. Sad to say that, now, he is very faraway from me cause I moved back to the Philippine already. So now, every time I'm listening to your songs, I always remember him! Hoping for you much success in life. Make more inspirational songs for all of us who idolize you! Take care.

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