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Fares Karam

Fares Karam, Lebanese singer.

Fares Karam had in a short time achieved a big success. Fares Karam chose a purely Lebanese style ''Dabkah'' to make his works distinct from contemporary Arab-speaking artists' and very popular in Lebenon.

Apart from his big hit singles such as ''El-Tannoura'', ''Chari'a Al Hamra'', Fares Karam has performed in several concerts, public celebrations and festivals all over the world.

Comments on Fares Karam

  • Pseudo : Amouna
  • Date : 24 december 2009
  • Hour : 19:18 GMT
  • Comment n° : 7762

I like you so much, you are very handsome and you have the best voice! My dream is to see you live and talk with you. You look so kind and a true man. You sing with feelings, I really find you cool, polite, gentle and very sexy. D you come to Belgium sometimes? I wish that you'd come here so I can see you! Everybody likes you here. You are always welcome, we are thinking about you, the king of Arab songs! Best wishes.

  • Pseudo : Nadia
  • Date : 29 january 2010
  • Hour : 20:46 GMT
  • Comment n° : 8109

Hey fares your new pictures are really cute! Your new song "el gohraba" is the best song I've ever heard, I love it, it's my favorite song, I listen to it everyday. You should sing songs like that about life, it's really nice! Your other songs are nice too, I love all your songs but the best song I've heard so far is "el ghorba" keep on rocking! Well I hope That you receive this message! Your biggest fan, Nadia.

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