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Biography of Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe, is a Lebanese model, actress, and pop singer, was born March 10th, 1976 in Mahrouna, South Lebanon to a Coptic Egyptian mother and Shiite Lebanese father.

Haifa Wehbe first met success as model when she was named Miss Lebanon in 1995. One year later, Haifa Wehbe was seen on the most prestigious Arab magazines and on People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people list.
The same year, Haifa released her first single "Agoul Ahwak'' included in her debut album, ''Huwa az-Zaman''.
Haifa's second album was ''Baddi I'ich'' which met big success due to its lead single "Ya Hayat Albi."
After the hit "Ana Haifa", Haifa Wehbe released in 2006 "Bus al-Wawa" another big hit.
Wehbe performed in many events in Lebanon and all over the world. Her shows always reach huge audiences.

Haifa Whebe have a daughter Zeinab Zaza from her first union and never seen her child since getting divorced.

Comments on Haifa Wehbe

  • Pseudo : Shah Jamal
  • Date : 23 may 2012
  • Hour : 8:26 GMT
  • Comment n° : 12338

She is an excellent lady with overwhelming beauty. One always feel short of words to praise her beauty, simply she is a matchless in her beauty. Her beauty is not only restricted to her physical apearance but there is a profound beaty in her looks, her face expressions and in her moves.Her smile is also an addition to her beauty. it is hardly to believe that she is not a supernatural. A pure gift of God.Such a marvelous beauty requires to be preserved for ever.

  • Pseudo : Hakimsaid
  • Date : 26 october 2011
  • Hour : 13:11 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11673

Haifa Wehbe is a fantastic lady with all meaning. They told that she is married, but i did not beleive it.
wishing her all the best.
with best regards for her and to the parents that brought her.

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