Joana Mallah - جوانا ملاح

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    Biography of Joana Mallah

    Joana Mallah

    Joana Mallah is a Lebanese singer. She was born in the June 1st.

    She started her career in 1993, she participates in 'Studio Al Fann' Talent show, in folk music category competition and Joana won the gold medal.

    One year later she started her professionally career and hope becoming a known artist in the Arab world.

    Joana has in her active 7 albums ' A'la Kollen Bahwak', 'As'ab Qarar', 'Shinanai', 'La mostaheel', 'Tewada'any', 'Alek Einy', 'Habibi Weinak', and 'Hatefdal Fi Albi'.
    Also she shot music videos of many songs like ' Alek Einy', 'Albak Eref El Gharam', 'Zakh Al Matar', ' Shinanai'.....

    Joana Mallah has participated in many many festivals like 'Carthage Festival',' The Arabic song Festival' in Jordan, 'in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, France, England, Germany....

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