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Biography of Julia Boutros

Julia Boutros

Julia Boutros, Lebanese performer. She was born in April 1 st, 1968 in Beirut.

She studied at the Rosary Sisters Schools. She is the sister of Lebanese composer and musician Ziad Boutros. Also their parents was also artists, her father was a director and reproduced Fairou'z plays.

At the age of 12 Julia Boutros recorded her first song titled ' A Maman'. Singing in her school's choir she recorded two songs ' C'est la Vie' and ' Viens dans ma Vie'.
In the 1980s, she rose to fame with her famous National-themed songs, like ' Shams el Haq'...

July, 2007, Julia Boutros announced that she has collecting 3 millions of dollars to help the families of Lebanese soldiers killed in the last Israel-Lebanon conflict.

Julia has in her active many albums like ' Ghabet Shams El Hak' in 1991, ' Wayn Msafer' in 1992, ' Hikayet Atab' in 1993, ' Ya Ossas' in 1994, 'El Karar' in 1996, 'Shi Ghareib' in 1998, 'Bissaraha' in 2001, ' Lab Ahlamak'in 2004 and 'Et Awadna Alayk' in 2006.

Recently, she has launched a new single entitled 'Ahibaii' ( My loved Ones), that was composed by her brother Ziad.

In 1996 Julia got married Elias Abu Saeb, vice president at the American University of Dubai.

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