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Biography of Majda Al Roumi

Majda Al Roumi

Majda Al Roumi, a Lebanese singer born in Kfarshima, Lebanon on December 13, 1956 is one of the most celebrated Arab artists.

Born to renowned musician Halim El Roumi, Majda Al Roumi was shows a precocious musical talent. In the early 1970s, she participated in Lebanese talent show, “Studio El Fan” on Tele Liban TV Channel. Winner of the Gold medal for best female singer, Majda Al Roumi started her singing career at the age of 16.

Majda's first single was "3am be7lamak Ya 7ilm Ya Libnan”, a patriotic track. In 1976, she acted in the movie “Awdat al ibn al dal“ and performed three soundtracks for the movie. Director Youssef Chahine introduced her as 'the Voice of the 20th Century'.

In 1977, Majda El Roumi released her first self-titled debut album which was a huge success. After releasing other albums, Majda started working with renowned Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani which collaboration will launched her into stardom with a biggest hit ever : “Kalimat”, a ballad she will follow with many others during the 1990s such as “Maa Al Jarida”, “Abhatou Ank”, “Aheboka Wa Baad” and “Tawq Al Yasamine”.

In only a short time, Majda Al Roumi has become one of the most successful and respected singers of the Arab world as well as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

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