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Marwan Khoury

Marwan Khouri, Libanese singer, songwriter, composer and arranger.

Marwan studied piano and harmony in the Univesity Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK) (Lebanon) and was distinguished for his composing skills.
Marwan Khouri released his self-written, self-composed and self-produced full-length album "Asak Habibi". The album was not that big hit Marwan was expecting.
From 1989 to 1996, Marwan Khouri performed as keyboard player in some famous Lebanese bands like sabah's band.
He tried once again as singer with his self-written song ''Fik Yamma Balak'' that established his talent but did not shot him to fame yet. In 1999, Marwan came up with ''Tia'' and ''Dalouna'' of Nawal Al-Zoughbi .

Even after an official album ''Khayal El-Omer'', Marwan had to wait for 2003 to receive the recognition he deserved as composer. As singer, it was ''Kil Alasaed'' album (2005) which earned him a high esteem and garnered him a five-years contract with the prestigious Rotana Records.

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I am one of the fans of Marwan Khoury. He is totally my favorite singer. He writes, composes and sings from the bottom of his heart. I wish him success and happiness in his life. I am from morocco and of course I work in a far village so sometimes I find myself thinking of my home city "beni mellal" thus, a song of Marwan Khoury makes me really feel the moment and forget the pain. I thank you so much Marwane.

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