May Hariri - مي حريري

Biography of May Hariri

May Hariri

May Hariri is a Lebanese singer and actress. She was born on December 24th, 1972 in South Lebanon.

She began her career with the song ' Ha Sahar Ouyounou' which was well-received in Lebanon and the Arab world. She launched her first album entitled 'Ha Sahhar Ouyounou' which contains 8 tracks.

Throughout her career, May Hariri shot a number of her songs as video clips that increased her fame and popularity, such as ' Taala nor'os Sawa', 'Hasahar Eiounouh',' Fallaha', 'Maa Min Jani', 'Ya Bta3 Lgharam', 'Habibi Inta'.....

May Hariri was described as the most beautiful woman in Lebanon.

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