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    Biography of Najwa Karam

    Najwa Karam

    Najwa Karam, Lebanese singer, was born February 26, 1966, in Zahle (Lebanon).

    Graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Najwa Karam was teaching for two years. Najwa Karam used to sing while she was at school and grew up with only one dream: becoming a singer.
    Despite of her father's disapproving; Najwa Karam began singing in the late 1980s. in only a few years, the moderate success she got at her debut turned to a wide recognition thanks to her very distinguished style and her special Lebanese accent.

    Since the mid-90s, Najwa Karam is one of the best album-sellers in Arab world, the most active singers with several performances around the world and also the most awarded.

    Comments on Najwa Karam

    • Pseudo : Guy
    • Date : 15 october 2009
    • Hour : 19:23 GMT
    • Comment n° : 6995

    I simply believe that she is awesome and this voice: WOW! May she be blessed and provide continued great music, songs and voice. The changes she made to her face and body were well deserved and I believe that she is a beautiful person and would love to continue listening to her songs and what a voice she has! Love the tan and the poses. Najwa, listening to her in the morning, evening and night is so rewarding to the soul and the mind.

    • Pseudo : Libero
    • Date : 23 september 2009
    • Hour : 16:07 GMT
    • Comment n° : 6754

    Adding to her wonderful voice she is a wonderful woman, I admire her beauty and her way of singing. For me, she is the best! I like the way she dresses, the way she speaks and the way she laughs. When I watch her sing, I stop breathing. She can dominate by her voice every thing. Her eyes are typical oriental eyes. Her prettiness too. I admire her and I would like to meet her. Najwa Karam forever!

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