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Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram, born Nancy Nabil Ajram on May 16th, 1983, is a lebaneses pop singer.

Seduced by music from a very early age, Nancy Ajram, 12 years-old, participated in a Lebanese television musical competition, ''Noujoum Al Mostakbal'' in which she won a golden medal.

Nancy Ajram first released "Mihtagalak"("I Miss You") in 1998, then "Sheel Oyoonak Anni" ("Take you eyes off of me") in 2000, two unsuccessful albums.

The hit was her song "Akhasmak Ah" (Get upset with you) followed by "Ah w Noss" (Very yes !)in 2005 and then a serial of successful albums such as "Ya Tabtab wa Dallaa" (So spoilt) and millions of copies sold all over the world.

Nancy Ajram was named the best Arab singer and the most popular for the years 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2005, Nancy Ajram was listed by Newsweek List as the Most Influential Arab Personalities.

Nancy Ajram is an Eastern Orthodox Christian.

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Hi, I wanted to say that I love you a lot Nancy. I love your songs and your heart is even better. I want you to keep up the good work and to also know that you're a role-model for me and that many other people love you. I have a question: are you Christian? If you are or not you will always stay my favorite singer. I always sing your songs and even dance to them. I like your moves and your whole look. I just wish I could see you in Jordan. I also wish to talk to you face to face. God bless you and bless your husband and your beautiful daughter Mila. Thank you so much for your time, and good luck!

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