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Biography of Nawal Zoghbi

Nawal Zoghbi

Nawal Zoghbi, born Nawal George Al Zoghbi June 29, 1972 in Beirut, Lebanon, is a famous Lebanese singer.

Nawal Zoghbi began her career at twenty. Armed with a strong will and a powerful, soul-charged voice, Nawal Zoghbi was determined to make her singing dream come true.
After a two-year singing in the Gulf countries, Nawal, back to Beirut, released her debut album "Wehyati Andak" in 1992 which achieved a moderate success. Her next album "Ayza El Radd'' in 1994 was a hit and brought her fame.
In her following works, Nawal Zoghbi sought creating new and original music while being up to date with Arab music and new styles. She also dared meld music from different parts of the world such as samba in ''Toul Omri'' released 2001.

Nawal Zoghbi is now one of the most known artists in Arab world and across many other countries. She has a huge fan base all over the world and her albums sales is among the highest-ever in Arab world.

Nawal Zoghbi is married to Elie Deeb and has three children: Tia (eldest), boy twins (Joey and George).

Comments on Nawal Zoghbi

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  • Date : 2 february 2012
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She is the best Arabic singer i ever seen. I like her too much. She has a heartfell voice as well a very beautiful face.
God she is very beautiful and her voice, I just can't forget.
Can someone tell me at which religion she is I would be pleased to know her religion, please someone tell me what is her religion.
Next I want to know that where is her husband from I mean whether he is from Lebanon or from any other country.
And the last thing i want is to see her children's photos please if someone can show me her children's photos.

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