Nicole Saba - نيكول سابا

Biography of Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba is a Lebanese singer and actress. She was born in Beirut June 26, 1974.

She participated in many movies like 'El Tagroba Al Danemarkeya' in 2003 that was her first acting experience, she played alongside the famous Adel Imam.
'Tomn Dastet Ashrar' ( 2006) was the second experience in acting.

She rose to fame with her song ' Ya Shaghilny Bek' which was released later in the album ' Ya shaghilny'.

Nicole has in her active many singles like "Baly Beek Mashghoul', 'Ash'aak ', 'Albak Mosh Ala Had ', ' brahti', 'Ana Tab3y Kida'.

In 2004, she won the award for the best singer by Sayedati magazine.

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